A downloadable game for Windows

This game was created in 48h during a jam game. 

We had three people working on it: Henri Hanot (me) for 3D, game / level design and a part of the development, Martin Chertier for the development of most features and François Xavier Talgorn for sounds and music.

The downloadable file is a version on which I worked about 3 hours in addition to the jam game to correct major bugs.

The game

A little adventure / puzzle game in which you have to escape from an island. You play Jospeh, a small man who has failed on this lost island and must join the balloon at the top of the island to escape.


  • To move, click to where you want to go
  • Use right click and drag mouse for move camera
  • Each obstacle requires a skill to be crossed.
  • Red lights are where you have to give up a skill
  • Make the right choices and reach the top
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Tags3D, Cute, Experimental, Exploration, Funny, Minimalist, Relaxing, Unity


SaveJoseph.zip 31 MB


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This is really creative, and I'd love to see it expanded. I just don't know how I'd explain him getting his abilities back between levels.


Bonjour! Franchement pour un jeu créer en 48h vous avez fait du très bon boulot les gars! le concept est vraiment bien pensé! Avec l'ajout de quelques niveaux ce serait parfait! 

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STOP SPAMMING! I'm sick of your crappy website spammed all over itch.io. Calling it the "Game Dev World Championships" is just a pathetic way of trying to give it some legitimacy. It's trash. It's spam and you're a spammer. Please stop.

Great work in two days. It's really fun and there's not one single solution so you can experiment quite a bit. :)